Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What is Exit Velocity in Hitting?

Exit velocity is the velocity, in miles per hour, the ball travels off the bat.  It is a great metric to determine power.  The higher the velocity then the faster the ball is moving. It is usually tested on a batting tee with a radar gun in order to be consistent with all testing for comparison reasons.

Using exit velocity to test hitter's ability has been around a little longer than some of the other metrics and is a pretty good indication of potential power.  Actually, if you define power as to how hard the ball comes off the bat, it is the best indicator of the potential power of all metrics.  I say potential since it is an evaluation based on hitting on a batting tee and hitting for power in a game, includes factors such as timing and accuracy.

This is just an estimate and I am sure, with some math, someone could figure it out but I estimate it takes a minimum of 70 miles per hour to hit a softball 220 feet (the distance to the CF Fence at Oklahoma City where the College World Series is played).  So, to have college-level power where the hitter would be a home run threat I would say at least 80 and more like 82 Miles per hour off of a batting tee would be the benchmark.  If you want to see some of the exit velocity metrics we have tested already for comparison, click here.  The top velocity at the writing of this blog is 80 for a 17-year-old.

It is important to note that we can increase exit velocity by swinging hard and a little long when tested on the tee but this is usually a problem in game conditions.  This is one of the main reasons I refer to this metric as an indication of POTENTIAL power.

What is the difference between Exit Velocity and Bat Velocity?  Well, Bat Velocity is a new metric that determines how fast the BAT is moving before contact.  Exit Velocity is how fast the BALL is moving after contact.  Both are related and both are important.

Want to know your exit velocity or how to improve your exit velocity?  Well, I test Exit Velocity every 4-6 weeks for my lesson clients and we work on this every lesson.  More about Lessons With Holly.

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