Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Some Hitting Phrases Explained

The ability to communicate clearly to the athlete is super important for the coach.  However, we often use words and phrases that may make sense to us but really doesn't make sense to the young hitters.  Young minds can be much more literal than our older minds.  Here are some examples:

"Staying Inside the Ball"
This is pretty confusing I think to a lot of young hitters if they are taking it literally.  What it means is that as the ball is making its approach you start yo
ur hands forward and you "stay" inside the path of the ball early in your swing.  Inside is the side of the ball that is closer to you.  Outside is the side of the ball that is on the other side.  Obviously, your hands never get outside the ball and will always stay inside the ball.  The "staying inside the ball" phrase is referring to early in the swing as the hands go forward with the intent of the hands to stay close to the body. 

"Lead With the Hands"
This really means the same thing as staying inside the ball.  It means we take our bottom hand (the hand closest to the knob of the bat) forward toward the pitcher.

"Lead With the Knob"
I am not a big fan of this phrase as this kind of implies we take the knob forward as it really isn't pointing forward early in the swing as it is slightly pointing down.  However, it is really close to Leading with the hands.

"Take your hands to the ball"
I believe this was something that someone misinterpreted from the leading with the hands.  We do NOT want to take our hands toward the ball.  We take the barrel toward the ball and our hands forward. 

"Take the knob to the ball"
Again, no we don't.  This should not be taught!

So many of phrases we use are to describe a short swing and we continue to try to come up with ways to verbalize this hitting approach. 

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