Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Welcome to National Softball Prospects!

National Softball Prospects is business created to assist the athlete and her family with the recruiting process.  We have three main components of this business. 

The Diamond Directory is a database of Softball players from all ages.  We feel it is the most powerful database on the market as it is highly searchable and includes a ton of information about the athlete.  This is a huge help for the recruiter.

We run our athletes through a series of appropriate metrics such as bat speed, exit velocity, running speed, throwing velocity and pitching velocities and add these metrics to the Diamond Directory.  The college coach then can search based on these metrics and profile details such as a 2020 graduate that plays shortstop with bat speed over 50 MPH and throws over 70 MPH.  Just an example.

The NSP Staff will set up the filming process, do the filming, edit and produce the video.  Yes, you can do this but we have decades of college coaching experience and know what the college coach is looking for in the Recruiting Video.  We will also add the Video to the Diamond Directory where the coach will also see the athletes video along with the metrics.

National Softball Prospects is an LLC under the National Diamond Academy and the main office is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Our Website:  www.nationalsoftballprospects.com
Our Email:  holly@nationalsoftballprospects.com
Our Phone Number:  502.262-9195

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