Sunday, December 30, 2018

What Comes First, Confidence or Success?

As a college head coach I would often ask my team during an early fall meeting this questions, "What comes first, Confidence or Success?".  Typically, one of the players would quickly say confidence.  "The athlete would say, you have to have confidence before you have success".  I would then say, "Isn't confidence without success unwarranted?  Isn't it being arrogant or even wishful thinking?  How can a person have confidence that has never had success?

Then, of course, one of the players would say, "success".  I would then say, isn't success without confidence just luck?  I mean, if the player doesn't have confidence and succeeds that has to be considered luck and not success. 

Now, obviously, they are all confused.  I would then say, "It is a trick question".  The actual answer is, "Preparation" comes first. 

Only with Quality and Quantity Preparation can the athlete have success.  As the athlete learns to better prepare based on the proper evaluation of her performances then she will begin to see success and then build her confidence.  Preparation is the foundation of confidence and therefore success.

Below is my "Cycle of Success".  More about each in future Blogs!

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Top Three Ways to Schedule a Softball Hitting Lesson With Holly

To make it easy and quick to schedule a Lesson With Holly, the following options are available:

  • Go to our Schedule Portal by clicking here.  This is probably the most efficient way to schedule a single lesson.  It shows only my available time for lessons so there is no back-and-forth emails/texts to find the right date.
  • Email/Text Me.  Although this isn't the most efficient it is still a pretty good options.  Just email me at or text me at 502-262-9195 and give me some days and times that would work for you.
  • Call me.  This is the "old fashioned" way but still is a really good way to schedule a lesson.  My phone number is 502-262-9195.
Email/Text/Call me if you want to schedule recurring lessons.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me.


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

National Diamond Academy Announces Two Virtual Indoor Pitching Showcases

It is really difficult, okay actually it is impossible to get recruited by a college that doesn't know you exist.  That is why you need to attend one (or both) of our National Diamond Academy Pitching Showcases.

Here are some features of our Pitching Showcases:
  1. They are indoor.  Both pitching showcases will be held at the King Louie's Sports Complex at 600 N. English Station Road | Louisville, KY 40223.
  2. You have two options of which to attend.  The first one is Saturday February 2nd from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and the second is Monday March 18th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
  3. All participants are added to our Diamond Directory which is the most powerful softball recruiting database on the market.  So, even if a recruiter doesn't attend this showcase, they can find you on our directory.  
  4. Every athlete in the Diamond Directory has the ability to send a profile link to college programs of which they are interested.
  5. Pitching velocities metrics of your pitch repertoire will be added to the Diamond Directory AND each coach in attendance will receive these metrics.
  6. It is Virtual!  Yes!  If this isn't the first Virtual Pitching Showcase it has to be one of the first.  What we mean is that the athlete will be on live video of which any college coach/recruiter will have the ability to view on their computer, tablet or phone.  
  7. The cost is crazy reasonable.  We try to keep all of our costs down where we don't want any athlete to not receive important services because they can't afford them.  How much?  Well, it depends on a few things.  Click here for details.
  8. Recruiting Video Production.  The recruiting video is extremely important in the recruiting process and each pitcher has the option (additional cost) to have a pitching video.  All of our recruiting videos are linked to the athletes profile but each athlete has a link to the actual video (YouTube) of which they can share.  More about our Recruiting Video Services.
  9. Our Registration Process is easy.  Click here to get started!