Friday, June 22, 2018

Some Crazy Things about the Diamond Game

THE Game...The Diamond Game.  Softball and Baseball....some differences but most things are similar.  Some of the crazy similarities of the Diamond Game...

  • The pole down the left and right field lines are called the Foul Poles but when the ball hits a foul pole it is fair?
  • The same as the foul lines.  Hit a foul line and the ball is fair?
  • A hitter can hit the ball really hard with a near perfect swing but get out.
  • A hitter can have a horrible swing and barely hit the ball and get a hit.
  • It is possible, and does happen, to strike out three hitters in an inning and then give up a run after the third strike out.
  • It is possible, and does happen, for a hitter to strike out in the at bat and not be out and then score.
  • A pitcher can throw a no hitter and lose the game.
  • A pitcher can give up a ton of runs and still win the game.
  • The softball isn't really very soft.
  • Is a left handed glove or a right handed it what hand you wear it on or what hand you throw the ball with?   
  • A left handed hitter hits the ball on the same side of the field as the right fielder.

This is all I have for today.  You have any?

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